I'm Brian Walsh, principal for Structured Empathy. I provide training and consulting for customer and employee experience design, often beginning with journey mapping. I am a marketing professor at Centennial College and a twin-degree professional engineer based in Toronto.

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From 2010 to 2017 at Oracle, I introduced thousands of people to customer experience design using journey mapping for B2C & B2B customers, employees, donors, volunteers, students, citizens, suppliers and partners. I have led 50+ multi-customer events, and facilitated custom engagements for 100+ organizations including DuPont, McDonald's, Bosch, Cisco, Citibank, CIBC, Sun Life, Air Canada, Fairmont Hotels, Indigo, Pearson and the UN Refugee Agency. I was recently voted best new speaker at the International Fundraising Congress in Amsterdam.


Since 2018 with Structured Empathy I have traveled to conduct engagements with several social impact organizations, including the UN Refugee Agency (Washington, London,  Madrid, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Bonn, Rome, Beirut, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo and Sydney), MSF (Barcelona), Save the Children (London), Resource Alliance (Amsterdam), and World Animal Protection (Copenhagen). 

I have also guided several clients in Canada including Allianz, Capital One, Centennial Collage, Inertia Engineering, CMHC, York Region, and the Geneva Center for Autism.