Journey Mapping Materials

My materials are based on those I helped develop at Oracle. They are in the public domain. Here is a link to the material. This should be everything you need to get started. I've delivered numerous events with the material here.  Please let me know if you need support. It's what I do and I love doing it!

Video Links

We often begin our journey mapping sessions with a true story about Doug Dietz, a designer with GE Healthcare. It encapsulates the potential of using empathy to build better journeys for customers and others. Watch the original video here.


There is a lot of excellent written material to review to better engage in design thinking, journey mapping, structured empathy, and human motivation. Here are some great books to review:

Outside In

The Effortless Experience


Thinking, Fast and Slow 


There is no shortage of material online discussing aspects of design thinking and journey mapping, and their impact:

Harvard Business Review,


Forrester, and 

How a Lidl ad led to a Morrison's retraction.

That last pair make a perfect example of how smart, well-meaning people making decisions in isolation from one another, and without considering the customer's perspective, continue to squander time and money by delivering irrelevant experiences.  


I'm open to chat with anyone who has found this site. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.